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mike at eastghost dot com
5 years ago
Was using Memcache and Memcached extensions, painfully bouncing between faults, failures and shortcomings of each.  My two cents: Neither of these old drivers has been a smash hit, repressing and slowly dooming of the true potential and full use of unix memcached.

The pain finally drove to me to try APC's apc_store and apc_fetch.  The results?  Instant success, no more errors, an order of magnitude (at least) speed boost, plus one less thing (memcached) to run.  Nice.  Never going back again.  Thank y'all.
umut dot kirgoz at gmail dot com
6 years ago
Since APC 3.1.3, there is a bug ( which produces warnings like "Potential Cache Slam Averted for Key" when slam defense is on and you're trying to write a key that already exists.

These is not a fix right now for this, but you can change the APC settings from php.ini file like below if possible:

apc.write_lock = 1
apc.slam_defense = 0
hello at haroonahmad dot co dot uk
8 years ago
Disclaimer: i do not guarantee it will work for you so you better use it at your own risk. It works for me.

* I am using # symbol for all shell commands

I am posting a quick step-by-step guide to install APC on servers (dedicated or VPS) with cpanel/whm working.

First login as a root to your servers /vpsI se it at yy ct=httAlloritefor cpan..."s onas ,/>
Firs#mkct= /page/on -ode/>
Firs#cd /page/on -ode/>
Firsfor is awel workf logiloads">D APC sett cpanow" taa quands

Firs#w"_b ref=""_b/on -3.0.14.tgzl="nofollow" target="_blank">"_b/on -3.0.14.tgz — />
Firscan changeeck this, nguavott (de/li>>
Firsfor can chanit agzipse itet=ver; >
Firs#,t=v-xzvfoon -3.0.14.tgz >
Firsfor can workhav yy on -3.0.14now"of r />
Thes#cd on -3.0.14 >
Firsfor can hav ye toat ynet iguration.phpes frombynow" taa quands

apc.wfto ne.."sit aow" taa qut="hemands

I am# ./iguratioe --cho
* I aosscan ot guarkfor , ngnet papan..lamexecuown(ch produet )mands
Thes..ea(mat all APC)mandsgnphp,es
Firsgeeck servini filetion infoby/>
Firs#net -i | gruidini fil/>
Thes..en searwill wpancanrlurvo a ke.phpo r mExtew root/>
Firs#vis/usr/tionl/lib/ini fil/>
Thesnsions, pc.setupo" >
Firsfor e is a bug on rodirwil, osscan hav yr.phpules all APCs nsions, p ct=httAllo budifnces arenhe datas> ect=httAll.nhe my ont amC's aect=httAllow r >
Firs/usr/tib/ini/nsions, pa/ >
Firsyou itoto dlslam_ou the ca bution infoe toyyr.phpution infow is aoyyr.phpunsions, pam_ou fromwis . />
Firscan changeeck alrepapanhe ini fileion iinfoof/>
Thesnsions, p_ct= = "" >
Firswfto ne.."sreted.pmcanrlsl, bypathisdifnce
Firs#ice.php ://pdsreted.p/>
Firsoss goiyg (mems for mExteill workreted.pmsl, bya cpaoull" vaand slyors, a.nhe ont aof slyors, a, to t agai servini filege the se itreted.pmsl, byae itdiscussi serviem&nhe /cssathiumvhise dot m easto at @onahmad>>
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Firsnet -i | gruidamp />
I am phseawill-tras />
FirsHnahma A dotan>
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